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Weekly Auctions
  • Sales - International marketing exposure.
  • Large customer base
  • Marketing exposure from the Internet
  • Located in the heart of silicon valley
  • Consignment sales of specialized equipment.
  • Value added product returned to clients.
  • Non-Proprietary sub-assemblies marketed
  • Security destruction of proprietary materials
  • Environmentally approved refiners
  • Final revenue source for printed circuit boards
Reclamation: More than just Outsourcing Your Excess Materials
  • Reclaim floor and warehouse space for current product
  • AuctionBDI has over 25,000 square feet of warehouse space
  • Nationwide pick-up service available
  • International pick-up available
  • Better utilization of your company personnel
  • AuctionBDI's extensive reclamation knowledge and experience save your company time and money
  • Reclaim Return on Investment
  • Free up dollars from idle inventory
Reporting: Complete Audit Trail Documentation
  • Monthly settlement check and detailed reports
  • Certificates of destruction provided
  • Complete Audit Trail Documentation
  • Computer documented sales transactions
  • Year to date activity and comparison reports

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